gtx rfi voltage rectifier

  1. JimC on his Seadoo

    2000 GTX-RFI, what appears to be intermittent not charging, killing the battery.

    Battery discharging during use. I've been plagued with this problem off & on for 3 seasons now. I Checked the regulator and fuses & it checked out as Ok. Started the engine on the lift and voltage raised as it should. Went & road it for 20 minutes and pulled into the dock to check. Sure...
  2. M

    Charging problem, low voltage from stator + rectifier

    First, what happened to Griz400? All his posts are ===? Down to the point: I noticed my battery was only at 12.73 volts when running. So unplugged it and only measure like 2 volts coming out. "Great, bad rectifier" I thought. For kicks and giggles I measured the three yellow stator wires...