1. BTR

    RXT Steering: How do I lube the steering cable?

    2005 RXT 215HP. The steering has become extremely hard to turn. I need to lube the steering cable (specifically, the end that services the jet pump outlet). What's the procedure? Which grease should I use? Please advise. Thanks.
  2. S

    97 XP, Couple of Quick Questions

    Going through some pre-season maintenance and had a couple of quick questions: 1. Greasing the "drive shaft" (rear of the ski under latch cover). I understand this is a zerk fitting. Could anyone point me to a cheap grease gun kit that would have the right size fitting I will need? Or just tell...
  3. tonydiato

    What do I need to grease? Impeller? How too? 2007 se GTI 155

    I have a 07 se gti 155. I have the shop manual and can not find how to grease the impeller for a yearly maintenance. Is there a fitting that I just put a grease gun too? What else do I need to grease back there? Thanks, Your help appreciated. Tony
  4. M

    Greasing the bearings on a trailer

    I have a zieman trailer with bearing buddies. I havent greased them since i got the trailer 2 months ago. Can i just use any type of grease on my bearing buddies or do i have to use a specific grease for my bearing buddies?