1. D

    2004 Sea Doo Islandia - Gauges don't have power

    None of the gauges on my Islandia seem to have power coming to them. There are 3 banks of fuses behind the helm area. The gauges are all connected to the first 3 amp fuse in the first bank of fuses labeled bank A. I have tested the 3 amp fuse visually and with a multi-meter. It is good. I...
  2. riwaverunner

    1998 GSX Ltd Info Center

    Hi all, I've got a 1998 GSX Limited (5629/5845 with the 951 engine) and the info center/gauge display is shot. Not sure if it's the whole thing or just the display. I've seen the display repair kits online for $25ish that replace the polarizer film, but I think the damage to my display goes...
  3. Matthewmckinney85

    Buying question 2007 seadoo RXT

    Hello all, I am looking to buy a 2007 seadoo RXT from somebody. It runs well and appears to be problem free with one exception. The problem is water in the gauge cluster. I have seen on previous forum posts that this may be a common problem with the model. My question is, should this prevent me...
  4. H

    RESTO GTX 2000 no display

    Just finished a rebuild on a 2000 GTX, as we got the seadoo in boxes we never had a chance to find out what else is wrong with it. Basically it will only start if you disconnect and reconnect the power to the MPEM, it beeps twice when reconnected and fires up and runs well, switch it off and...
  5. mattnerkowski

    Need Help! 1997 Seadoo GTX Jetski, Having issues with gas gauge.

    Well its a first for us, being a recent owner of 1997 Seadoo GTX, and 1996 Seadoo Speedster. First off the GTX, we ran into an oil seal issue with the oil reservoir tank leaking from the seam in the middle of the tank, after alot of research, its a common issue, we were going to shift over to...
  6. M

    HELP! No gauges or buzzer... but it RX 951 starts.

    Hi all, First post but regular guest viewer! I have a seadoo millennium RX 951 it starts fine but i have no buzzer, or dials nothing electric! i have checked fuses in front cluster and back 15A.. all okay. is my MPEM fried? I read somehwere it can be bypassed to power the dials if the MPEM is...
  7. Macro76

    '05 Islandia need advice on replacement parts

    Hey guys this is my first post. I just started redoing my seats so I'm trying to do as much as economically possible.… Well I'll start with a replacement porta potty, cooler, gps, radio and speakers(I did buy a clarion CMD8)side curtains(if possibly), fresh water pump, bilge pump, rocker switch...
  8. ramtuff89

    2008 Seadoo Islandia 430 Intermittent Tachs

    Hey All, This is my first post on here. I have a 2008 islandia with the twin 4tec 215HP engines. I have had it for almost a year now and it is an awesome boat. The last time I went out on the boat I had an issue with the tachometer on both engines. They will randomly stick and freeze up and then...
  9. J

    Unplugging non working gauges (Get rid of beeping)

    So I took my new to me 98 xp out to the lake today and every minute or so it beeped. I have been doing some reading and what I have read is that it means low fuel. The fuel is full but the fuel gauge itself does not work. I am guessing this is why the beeping is happening. Is it possible to...
  10. T

    04 gtx 4 tec supercharged owners

    Was hoping I could get a connection verified on this ski. It's the one inside the front compartment that is behind the access panel towards the front of the ski. It's the one that runs to the gauge cluster. I am having some elec. issues but the ski runs fine. I am currently not getting any...
  11. P

    Dead Gauges on 2004 Speedster 200

    I have a question about the guages in my 04 speedster 200 310hp.... My poor boat was stored outside this last winter and so far the only issues I'm having is with my gauges. I noticed last year my fuel gauge was starting to hang up a bit and one of my tachs wasn't ready right either. Well...
  12. XARiUS

    fuel gauge issues - 96 GTI

    Hello My infocenter gauge for my 96 gti is not functional, corrosion all over the rear contacts. I am looking to just put a standard fuel gauge in. Is it possible for me to get one from a older or newer model and adapt it to work. I had to replace to MPEM last year so im sure the info gauge...
  13. D

    1995 Speedster electrics

    Good day, Got a few problems with my speedster and I don't know where to start fault finding. The gauges don't work all the time, sometimes I get a rev reading but only for a short time. The MPEM only gives 1 beep when in neutral it doesn't give any other beeps at all. the engines crank and...
  14. L

    2000 Speedster 240 Merc Gauge Help

    None of our gauges are working on the speedster we just bought. I have checked the fuse in the block but it is ok. Are these know to have issues? It seems very strange to me that they would all be out at the same time. Also, the PO had a mechanic looking at the before with no luck and...
  15. J

    1995 gtx Gauges

    Recently i fixed up my grandfather's 1995 gtx after sitting for over eight years, we rebuilt the carbs and fixed all the broken cables and she runs great. The only problem is none of the gauges work. It has one digital all-in-one gauge, and one speedometer. I have checked and replaced the two...
  16. F

    2004 utopia 185 fuel gauge

    Any idea where I can get a fuel gauge for this boat for a reasonable price? Is there something that would be a good substitute? Thanks
  17. C

    Problem with Gauges

    OK so i got a seadoo islandia 2006... The left tachometer, the one speedometer, and the left gauge circle are all not functioning.. I have switched the wires on the tachs.. its worked.. so its not the actuall gauges.. I looked at the one main fuse in the engine compartment.. its fine...
  18. brandon32689

    how do you remove the info and speedo gauges???

    i am taking my hood off of my 98 seadoo gsx to get painted i got it all off except for the info and the speedo guage how do you get them off i dont see no screws or anything does anyone know thanks
  19. D

    My gauges aren't working.

    Hello. New guy here. I hope I'm in the right place. My 2002 gtx 4-tec gives me 2 short beeps then 2 long beeps and the red light next to the exclamation point symbol blinks but otherwise no lcd display. Any ideas?
  20. L

    FS 96 Challenger/Speedster Gauges

    I am selling gauges from my 1996 Challenger. All gauges are in excellent cosmetic condition and fully functional. The speedo does condensate slightly when in the water. The tach and fuel/oil gauge do not. Prices as follows: Speedo: $25 Fuel/Oil: $80 Or both for $95. Payments via...