gas gauge

  1. Doug Overkill

    Gas Fuel gauge not working

    I’ve got a 1997 Challenger 1800 and the gas gauge isn’t working. The low oil light does work. There is 12v coming into the gauge thru the purple wire as there should be. I’ve done all the diagnosis around the sending unit and the F1 fuse and all at the tank end are working as supposed to...
  2. 400hp302ci

    Gas guage fuel baffle installation

    97 Challenger. I just repaired my fuel level sender. Now I'm trying to reinstall it and can only get so far in and it stops dead. About 2 3/4 inch out and it won't go in any further. Does anyone know if there are baffles or other structures in the tank?
  3. S

    Gas tank fast use 1997 speedster

    Wanted to see what others had to say on this subject. I know theee boats rip through gas fast but I feel like something might be off with mine. So I go riding for hour. At full throttle my gas gauge is resting right on the left edge of the half tank mark. At idle same thing. Put on hoist...
  4. T

    Newbie 1996 Challenger owner - some basic questions

    This is my first post other than my introduction in Meet and Greet. I was recently given a 1996 Challenger that had a corroded engine but got that replaced so it's brand new (2 days old). We've had the boat out only once but love it. I have a few questions that seem stupid but I don't know...
  5. A

    continuous LOUD beep...overheating questions

    Got a loud beep yesterday. we tubed and then sat around for a bit drinking beer. when i went to start my 97 Speedster up again we got the continuous beep before even starting the motors. (I read another's post about some link with the gas gauge. My fuel gauge rests always on empty.) I...
  6. O

    Gas gauge on 1998 GS

    Just took out my 1998 GS to lake Havasu on the colorodo river and found out my gas gauge didn't work. Where do I start to look? Tony
  7. A

    2003 Speedster w merc 240

    My gas gauge does not read correctly. I tried to take out the baffle pick up to see what the problem is but it is too long to come out of the tank. I just want my fuel gauge accurate any ideas?
  8. 7

    Fuel, RPM gauge and trim all died at once after hard wave hit !!

    looking for some help. Two weeks ago I was jumping some waves with my 94 seadoo XP and hit two waves back to back really hard , so hard I almost fell off and really hurt my wrist. I was winded but ok... however my Gas and RPM gauges both stopped working and my trim also stopped working. The trim...
  9. Brholwer

    1996 seadoo spx fuel gauge problems

    the fuel light is always on and show no bars of gas, what is wrong? also the bilge pump doesn't work i think, i was wondering where the bilge pump shoots out of?
  10. S

    gas gauge and oil light please help

    ok you guys have helped before hopefully u can help again i just got this challenger i cant really see the oil line to be honest i think cuz its so full (there is no dipstick) the dealer i got it from sed they filled it up i drop it in water oil light is on??? does it like turn off when im...
  11. F

    Faulty Gas Gage?

    Hey Guys, Just bought a 96 GTI and took it out on the water for the first time yesterday,I noticed the gas gauge always gives me a maximum of 3 bars, even when I completely fill the tank. What might be the issue? Your help is appreciated.
  12. D

    Fuel gauge busted

    It appears that my fuel gauge has kicked the bucket. I have disconnected the connector between the gauge and the tank. I did an ohm test on the tank side and was reading about .89 (think that is right I only have about an 1/8th of a tank) it also moved as I shook the ski to get the fuel...