fuel gauge

  1. Doug Overkill

    Gas Fuel gauge not working

    I’ve got a 1997 Challenger 1800 and the gas gauge isn’t working. The low oil light does work. There is 12v coming into the gauge thru the purple wire as there should be. I’ve done all the diagnosis around the sending unit and the F1 fuse and all at the tank end are working as supposed to...
  2. CreekerMike

    95 XP intermittent fuel gauge

    Greetings and salutations to all. Took my 95 XP 720 out this weekend on the river. Fueled up before hand and my gauge was functioning flawlessly. After about 30 minutes my fuel bars disappeared and the light came on. (I figured the baffle took a crap) Fast forward to this morning and I did some...
  3. W

    Why is the instrument gauge cluster not readable

    If I cup my hands over the display on a cloudy day I can barely tell the fuel level. Anyone know why this happens? Any remedy's for it other than replacing it and taking it to the dealer's repair facility so the new instruments can be "married" to the seadoo? It is a 2007 RXT. Any alternate...
  4. R

    A couple of questions about my new SPX

    So I have a 96 XP and I just bought this 99 SPX and it has the grey tempo fuel lines so i ordered some rebuild kits for the carbs and N/S's. But I noticed the fuel gauge is not working and the magnets are still on the float and the float is floating (also have a replacement float with magnets i...
  5. P

    need fuel gauge 278000496, but wondering if i can use 278000073...?

    Hi, I posted the same question in another thread but mistakenly put it in 4tec, sorry and mods please feel free to delete the other one. The gauge I need is not to be found easily, but it seems there may be be others that could work... same size and face, maybe I have to do some soldering on...
  6. AnviL Man

    2003 Speedster fuel gauge and speedometer not working

    2003 Speedster Bombardier 240 EFI. I bought the boat and neither are working, the speedometer does not work at all but the fuel gauge will register around a half tank if I top it off but soon will go back to empty even though there is still plenty of fuel in the tank. Definitely not working...
  7. T

    New Member saying Howdy

    Just wanted to say Hi. Just purchased a couple 1999 Seadoo GTS PWCs that are in pretty good shape except I cannot get one to run and the one that does run did not have a working fuel gauge. Thanks to this forum and Youtube I was able to fix the fuel gauge and I believe I have a good idea on...
  8. award64

    Couple of questions for 2000 SeaDoo's RX and GTX/RFI

    Couple of quick questions after a long description. I recently bought a 2000 RX and a 2000 GTX RFI. The GTX did not run and after looking into it, found that it had completely shredded one of the pistons, (See pics) so I decided to replace it with a SBT rebuild. After finally getting that...
  9. C

    1997 Seadoo Challenger 1800 fuel baffle

    My 1997 Seadoo Challenger 1800 fuel gauge reads empty so I pulled the connector to the baffle and jumped between the pink/black and the pink. The gauge went all the way to full; I pulled the jumper and it went back to empty. Next I pulled the baffle out of the tank and flipped the baffle...
  10. J

    99 gtx limited gauges in active

    Just joined this forum of fellow skiers for some needed help... Been stumped for days i have a 99 gtx limited that has neither the digital fuel/info center working or the analog speedo. They use to work properly and then they started working off and on while out on the water. Now both...
  11. A

    2003 Speedster w merc 240

    My gas gauge does not read correctly. I tried to take out the baffle pick up to see what the problem is but it is too long to come out of the tank. I just want my fuel gauge accurate any ideas?
  12. J

    97 speedster gauge problems

    My Speedster's fuel gauge hasn't worked since I bought it used. When not running, it always shows 1/4 tank and goes to E when started. Now, the speedo doesn't work. Any ideas on whether the issues are related or how to fix them is appreciated. Thx!
  13. Brholwer

    1996 seadoo spx fuel gauge problems

    the fuel light is always on and show no bars of gas, what is wrong? also the bilge pump doesn't work i think, i was wondering where the bilge pump shoots out of?
  14. C

    DESS Not working Properly

    I am trying to figure out if I have a DESS problem, MPEM problem or maybe just a bad wiring. 1999 Challenger 1800 twin 787's Boat will start, and runs great. I do not have the speedo, or the fuel gauge when I start and runt he engines. Low oil light works, so I know that its not the...
  15. F

    2004 utopia 185 fuel gauge

    Any idea where I can get a fuel gauge for this boat for a reasonable price? Is there something that would be a good substitute? Thanks
  16. S

    Fuel gauge problem. Help!!

    Ok so I just bought a 98 GSX limited and the fuel gauge doesn't work. The shop that summerized it for me said the electrical module box that's up in front of the ski is bad and it's not sending a signal to the digital gauge up top. Is this true or is it the digital gauge I need to replace...
  17. A

    2004 Speedster Fuel Gauge Reading Wrong

    My 2004 Speedster has a problem with the fuel gauge. It reads empty at 1/2 full. Anyone know how to adjust the pick up?
  18. Freshwater_Doug

    Aftermarket fuel gauge...

    Hey guys, Just curious if anyone has gone about installing an aftermarket fuel gauge and sending unit in a pre-93 Seadoo? There's a supply company here in Canada offering universal fuel sending units and universal fuel gauges for $9.99 each - regular $20 each. Company's called Princess Auto...