1. Harrison72

    1999 Sea Doo XP Limited Flooding trouble

    Hi, I recently got my jet ski up and running and put it in the water Thursday, it ran fine all day Thursday and Friday morning. Today Saturday morning I woke up to the back half of it underwater. I started looking around it and found this hose not hooked up and wasn’t sure if any of these holes...
  2. T

    My boat is flooding

    I have a 96 Challenger that I sometimes fish off of with friends. I find that my boat takes on a lot of water when I am just floating and have more than one person toward the back of the boat. The water is coming in through the drain hole under the driver seat. Is there a plug I can buy for...
  3. R

    1997 GTX flooding and fouling plugs after semi overhaul and carb rebuild.

    Please help... SeaDoo newbie....my first ski.... That I turned into project seadoo. I scored a rough running 97 gtx with 132 hours in great condition, trailer and seadoo cover for $500. Found this awesome forum, read up up on all the common issues with this ski and did some key thing...
  4. M

    1990 Seadoo SP with major flooding

    I have a 1990 Seadoo SP with the following problem. When I go to crank it the motor floods with fuel. And when I say flood, I mean it goes into the exhaust, and spurts out of the plug holes if they are not in tight. I took off the carb, which is a Mikuni BN-38 round body, and there was literally...
  5. C

    96 hx fuel system problems

    We've rebuilt the carbs on this hx and carefully followed all instructions to a T. It still wouldn't run. So we thought maybe an alternate set of carbs would help. So, we cleaned up another set and put in new parts. It still won't run. The spark plugs are always wet, and no start...