1. D

    New Member, Inventor working on environmental projects involving jet skis

    I'm an inventor working on a couple of environmental projects involving jet skis. I'm looking for answers as to how jet skis work, performance, and limitations in different situations. Would being involved in this forum help me to get answers, or would you suggest somewhere else? Thanks David
  2. J

    URGENT Help Needed - Engine Compartment FULL of water!

    Hello all. Long time reader, but first time poster here. I have an emergency situation and would appreciate any and all input! We took our '98 Speedster to the lake for the weekend and had a blast. We decided to leave it tied up at the dock overnight, the first time ever, instead of...
  3. rksnow1

    Help! Sunk my PWC.. What do I do?

    Hi All. I just joined the forum today and need some quick help! just got my first PWC a week ago. I bought 2 old but nice(maybe not) 1990 Seadoo PWC.. I dont know the models or sizes... When I bought them the owner said one ran great and the other needed a tune up, but both needed...