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    Worried! Flipped New 2015 Sea Doo GTS 130 Wrong Way! Need Advise!

    Hello Everyone, I hate that this is my introduction to the Sea Doo community but well here it goes... So I was out riding with 2 friends and we did a 180 spin which I hadn't realized but it so much different when you have other riders... It now makes sense but needless to say we got bailed...
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    HELP sea doo wake pro 215 problem

    My sea doo wake pro 215 sucked up a rope the engine automatically shut itself off. I then rolled the ski over in the water to see if I can pull the rope out i was not able to so we towed it back to shore. Once on shore realized from rolling it over the hull took on water probably about 30% was...
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    HELP! Need to know what to do with flooded '05 Sea-Doo

    I row for a crew in East Tennessee and while out one day we came across an upside down '05 Sea-Doo. It was upside down and only the very bottom of the hull was showing. We dragged it back to our boathouse and left it for a day due to the fact we could not get to it that day or the next few for...