fiberglass repair

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    1997 GTI Hull Damage

    Hello, So I just bought a 1997 GTI and GS off of a buddy and I bought them without seeing them first because I got a really good deal on them. After picking them up and looking through them I found some damage on the hull of the GTI. These are the first skis I have owned so I'm not sure how...
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    Keel / Hull damage 1997 Speedster

    Hello, New member here....I am looking to pick up a 1997 Speedster...motors have been rebuilt, mechanicals are great shape, owner was meticulous...the bad is the keel and hull need substantial repairs...his kid smoked a rock in the river at 35 MPH ish. I can attach pictures but curius what you...
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    Newbie with a few questions

    My husband and I just bought a 1998 Sportster 1800 after spending a year trying to figure out the best boat to fit our limited budget and limited storage space. We just love the layout, and the boat is in good shape for something that dates back to the Clinton administration. We have ordered the...