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    Harness Problem?

    I have a 2003 SeaDoo GTX 4tec. The red warning light comes on and off now and then and I get a loud beep now and then while riding. The Odemeter goes to Zero and the Digital gas indicator goes blank, then goes back on again and off again. Would this be the Harness or the Odometer Display? Any...
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    Do I really need a dealer to clear fault codes?

    Hello, Please help! We have a 2007 SeaDoo GTI SE. Runs great and never had any problems. Just recently we got the alarm and engine fault code P0116 - Engine Temp Sensor Faulty. It does not overheat and does not lose power at all....still runs good. Checked the ohms and it is not where...
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    Challenger 180 will not start

    Hi there, Yesterday I took my 2005 Challenger 180 out for a spin and moored her up while we went for lunch. When we came back and I tried to start her up, she would not fire at all. When I attached the key I got one long beep followed by 2 short, as U usually do and I noticed that all four...