1. CDM1955

    Yes I know another Cavitation Issue. I have tried everything I know. HELP!

    Forum, Please forgive me if I am not posting this in the correct section. I have seen Cavitation threads on here and some are closed and I have done the two fixes but still experiencing problems. I am new but have seen and used much of the advice here and am very grateful. Here is what I...
  2. AirJordan613

    Torn boot, not sure what the underlying problem is please help!!

    Hi everyone. I was launching my '93 gtx when I noticed water rushing in. Lucky I never unhooked it from the trailer or it would be a goner. The drive shaft boot is torn. The motor end of the boot itself spins when the motor is turning which is why the boot tore. What do I need to do to fix this...
  3. H

    97 TDI drive shaft / flywheel-clutch removal

    Hi everyone. I loaned my ski's to a cousin and one came back with a little slippage. Looks like the drive shaft splines have given out. Hopefully the flywheel female section is ok. I have pulled the pump off, removed the flywheel cover, clamps, and just by looking, I can't figure out...
  4. C

    WTB: Looking for 1997 Seadoo GTX Drive Parts

    Parts ordered - thanks.
  5. C

    Ultra Newbie Buys 1st Ever Jet Ski - Problems on First Day (Cavitation?)

    Hi Folks! What have I got myself into? I purchased my neighbor's 1997 GTX (86 hours on it) for $1050 with trailer. My kids were begging me to do it. I've never owned a boat or jet ski before nor ever driven with a trailer. Anyhow, I got a hitch installed on the family van and went jet skiing...