drain plugs

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    2000 GS took on water

    So I let a very mechanically-inclined friend (he used to work as a snowmobile mechanic) take my 2000 GS out. I prepped everything for him, but forgot to screw in the drain plugs. He, unfortunately, launched without noticing that they were out. He had to tie the ski up for about 5 minutes to...
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    New to Seadooforum.com

    I just bought a 2009 Speedster 150 255 SC .... and LOVE it! Hit 55 mph the 2nd time out! I hit 6 hours over the 4th of July weekend. Then I lost one of my plugs. The dealer sent me a new one at no charge. Is it possible to use the old style rubber plugs in the same hole? I don't trust the...