drain plug

  1. jharding08

    96 GTS not running full speed after engine compartment flood

    So I made the bone-headed mistake of not putting the drain plug in my 96 GTS sea doo. I have two and the one still had the connectors that kept it in the hole, so when I put in the water, it sucked the plug in and gave me enough time when I got to the dock after parking truck/trailer to seal it...
  2. D

    Drain Plugs Fall Out - 2019 GTI 155

    2019 GTI 155. From day one, the drain plugs won't stay clipped to the ball inside the mount when the plugs are unscrewed. They fall out while driving home on the trailer. The housing with the ball to hold the drain plug hook seems flawed... both plugs fall out. My GTR has a different housing...
  3. JuanchoPWC

    HOW TO: Antifreeze Change - Drain

    I just finished to change the Antifreeze to my Seadoo GTX as part of my noob year maintenance care... i must say: this job was a piece of cake..!!! now my seadoo will jump some waves with new antifreeze for the rest of the season..!!! Let just start by pointing the drain plug... An...
  4. G

    Water enters into passenger area

    Water enters into where the passengers sit (deck? I'm not sure what it is called) Underneath where the driver sits there is a hole that goes to the back of the boat. A drain for when water enters where we sit. When I slow down after flying around water rushes through the hole beneath my feet...
  5. X

    drain plug issue

    I just put my first 6 hours on my new Speedster 150 255 sc. Last time out I lost one of my drain plugs.. The dealer sent my new one already at no charge. I am not a fan of the screw in plugs ... is there an alternative, can the standard rubber flip lock version work in the same transom hole...
  6. dustinsspace12

    Help! I flooded the seadoo, left drain plug out.

    Ok, so heres the deal, please help me troubleshoot this..as the nearest seadoo service center is 2 hours away. Yesterday, I took my 93 GTS out to the lake with the kids and launched it with the drain plug out. We rode it for about 20 min and then idled for a couple when we realized the boat...