1. gsxkid

    GSX totally dead.

    Today I was out riding my 1997 gsx and it was running excellent (just replaced the plugs) and then all of a sudden it went completely dead. I have only had the ski for around a month and the guy i bought it from switched the 787 in it out to a 717 motor and has wiring for the 717 motor. It was...
  2. W

    2001 GTX-DI died on water, no start - ideas?

    MY 2001 GTX-DI died on the water under heavy acceleration - it won't start. I was riding along - hitting lots of waves - and bam - dead. It restarted one time, I went a little further - then died and no restart. 2nd time I took it out this season. I checked the plugs - getting spark. I...
  3. I

    GTX Ltd is dead!!

    Hi all, I've just joined your great forum! I have a 1998 GTX Ltd Ski. The Mpem has been replaced, but when a connect the lanyard key it beeps twice as normal then 10 seconds later it does a long beep and 20 more seconds later it switchs off! During this i press the start button and nothing...
  4. D

    98 XP possible electrical problem

    So I had my battery on a trickle charger (the kind that stays connected to the battery full time, you just plug it in to the charger). Since my battery was still connected while it was charging, I put my key in to check the fuel. It beeped for a second then went completely dead. I traded...