1. J

    custom graphics for a 2004 Seadoo GTI-RFI?

    Need help finding a website for custom graphics for a 2004 Seadoo GTI-RFI 750, I can't find any on the internet, Any Help is appreciated
  2. dbechth

    GTX 4Tec 185 transplant into a 16ft aluminum V bottom

    Hi everyone, I have been meaning to start a thread for quite some time to track my progress on my 4Tec transplant project. My goal for this project is to end up with a boat that can be run on the Cedar River in Iowa without concern of ripping off a lower unit or damaging a prop in the many snags...
  3. M

    Custom Carbon Fiber Rudder and Ride Plate

    I've been asked a couple times for information on the custom rudder and ride plate solution I made and since I took some pictures, I thought I'd post them here for everyone to see. The mount (the hardest part) is custom molded to the nozzle so it fits exactly, then 3 holes are drilled and...
  4. B

    Custom seadoo aluminum boat trim

    Hello folks I recently took my 95 seadoo spx (657x) cut it up and stuck it in my aluminum boat it runs great with a rebuilt motor from sbt and performs better than expected on the water but one problem I have is I need longer cables. Luckily seadoo used the 657x in their boats so I'm able to...
  5. M

    Any interest? 1998-2004 seadoo speedster seat covers (custom)

    hi, I own an upholstery shop called gryphon industries, recently i had a customer come to me with seadoo boat seats. these seats were not easy to make perfect again, however after trial and error i am done. now that i have a patent pending one, the rest are flying on perfectly. From my research...
  6. S

    SeaDoos Rotax 587

    So I have really been thinking about doing somthing "big" With my 1991 Seadoo Xp and my 1994 Seadoo SPI. My SPI has the white 587 single carb engine and my XP has the yellow 587 dual carbs. Besides putting aftermarket Exhaust, impellar, air filters, etc. What else can I really do with them? I...
  7. S

    Custom Speaker Installation -2001 Seadoo Challenger 1800

    I just installed a Fusion IPOD playing head unit in my 2001 Seadoo Challenger 1800 and two 6.5" Poly Planar speakers (had to enlarge the hole from the factory 5" speakers). What I want to do now is install some more speakers but am a little unsure of where. I could get some smaller...
  8. korn82787

    Audio Help Here

    Hey, I am kind-of new to the forum. I have lurked for quite a while. If anyone needs audio help, post in here and I will be more than happy to help you all out. I have done numerous installs on both cars and boats. Reading through some of the posts, I have seen some good advice and some advice...