1. Doug Overkill

    787 Counterbalance shaft oil & seal question

    Working on my 1997 Seadoo Challenger 1800 with twin 787's. Some may have seen my other recent post about 2-stroke oil leaking past the crankshaft seal and hydro-locking the Mag cylinder on the port motor. After a bunch of overthinking it, I decided to tear apart a good working motor to solve...
  2. pantaloonz

    What to do with used cranks

    WOOPS: Could a Moderator please move this to the General 2stroke forum.. my bad. Good day fellow waternauts! cutting right to the chase, I've got two 951 DI cranks, one with the PTO coupler on, one without. These are not in bad shape at all. The rods are straights and overall condition is...
  3. Gman11377

    Engine locked up? Ideas

    Ok so I have a 90 GT that I originally bought for $250. I cleaned it up and have been running and having fun with it for several years now. At the end of last season (Oct?) the starter went out on our last trip. Brought the ski home, dried it off, fogged it, and put it in a closed metal building...
  4. TxAg15

    2002 787 RFI Engine Rebuild

    Hello all, I've been reading and researching a ton so I thought I'd make a project thread and see if I can get some insight from all the geniuses on here. I know it's a bit of a novel, but I thought it better to roll it all into one post for continuity. I have a 2002 GTX RFI with ~130 hrs...
  5. ajvigants

    Sea Doo SPark unstable rpm

    I have a pair of 2104 90 Hp 2Up w/ IBR Sparks. Removed from the water during Hurricane Harvey and never made it back into the water last summer. Before putting them in this year, I changed the oil, filter and plugs and put new batteries in each. One ran/runs fine. The other is very hard to start...
  6. DeanRoberts

    RESTO Seadoo 1998 GSX Limited 951 - Rebuild

    Hi All, My first post here. I am in the process of rebuilding my engine after a big end conrod bearing failure.. It is the first time i have rebuilt an engine and i have learnt a lot from reading the manual and online etc. Finally the engine is on the mend again and i have just sealed the...
  7. I

    787 Crankshaft Counterbalance alignment

    Hi all, I have been caught with no marks on the crankshaft to align the counterbalance shaft. I have read the following thread "First, it is called a COUNTERbalancer shaft. That means the porkchops should be the OPPOSITE of the porkchops on the crankshaft. A crankshaft has pins that hold it...
  8. T

    Locking Crankshaft and Camshaft PLEASE HELP ME !

    Hi, i am trying to lock the crankshaft and camshaft as i want to open the whole engine for cleaning. * My Supercharger gear exploded while driving and had broke the Double Gear Inside the PTO * I think I found the TDC of the Piston 3. It seams to be at top and ready to be fired up :) The...
  9. T

    2006 Challenger 4-Tech 1503 Need help for locking crankshaft and cam

    Hi, i am trying to lock the crankshaft and camshaft as i want to open the whole engine for cleaning. I think i foud the TDC of the Piston 3. The only thing is that the camshaft lock only goes about 2 inch Inside the hole. Is that normal ? Could crankcase and cameshaft could be both locked at...
  10. J

    Replacing Rotax 580 Connecting Rods

    I have a Rotax 580 engine that I am rebuilding. This is my first rebuild. I am just about to open the case halves. Any tips on removing the connecting rods. Any advice on how to decide whether to replace or reuse the connecting rods?
  11. XARiUS

    717 woodruff <mag side> crankshaft key

    Does anyone know what size seadoo uses on their woodruff keys, I am going to Fastenal in about an hour and hoping to find a good fit, i think its 3mm x 3.6mm?
  12. C

    Seadoo oil seal replacement?

    Hey everybody sorry if I posted anything in the wrong spot or didn't give enough info. im new This is my problem: I have a 1993 seadoo xp that leaks oil into the cylinders and i am pretty sure that i have bad crankshaft oil seals. I am pretty mechanically inclined but new to jet ski engines. I...