1. D

    Fiber Glass Crack Under Front Cover Near Battery? - 2008 Seadoo GTI 155 SE

    Hey everyone! I just bought the jetski mentioned in the heading with 118 hours. I took a look under the bucket compartment by the battery, and there was a crack exposing styrofoam through the fibre glass in the front. I suspect this damage was from the anchor in the front compartment banging up...
  2. D

    BRAND NEW 98-2001 Speedster SEATS!!

    I know everyone has been complaining, including myself about the seats on the 98-2001 speedsters with no real replacement.... until now! Check out the Brand New 1998-2001 Seadoo Speedster Seats for my 98 Speedster! No more cracked / faded / embarrassing seats! What do you guys think???? More...
  3. R

    Sea Doo Spark Cracked Hull

    I own 2 Sea Doo Sparks (2015). They are still under warranty. I am kind of a safety nut because I have been boating since I was 6 and purchased my first PWC in 1978. The Sea Doo's have never touched shore. They are anchored deep just like my wakeboard boat. My family and I went to the lake...
  4. shamski

    2003 Sportster - Collapsing Tower for Transport?

    Have had troubles with the tower developing cracks on some of the welds -- front arms midway up - one needs a weld again this year. Tower only carries tubbie speakers for tunes and occasionally a skier on da rope -- otherwise it sits. So it isn't stress from pulling tubes, or anything like that...
  5. shamski

    Tower Cracking

    Everyone, Have a wake tower (2003 vintage) that is developing persistent cracks at one weld point on both sides of the tower. See pics.I had one side welded already last year and it is re-cracking. Now I have both sides cracked. What can I check on the tower to make sure that it is tightly...
  6. N

    '98 GTX RFI overheating and crack in tuned pipe head.

    I was out with my boss and his family this weekend. I just finished fixing his GTX MPEM's (Thanks Mike). I was on my HX and after about 5-10 min of riding his GTX quit. We towed it back to shore to have a look. Diagnostic mode showed Hi-Temp. The welded in plug closest to the band clamp on the...
  7. shamski

    Wake Tower Fatigue

    Have a factory aluminum wake tower with a fatigue crack on one of the welds -- don't think it is a stress crack as it is not at one of the load bearing points. Anyone familiar with fixing this type of issue? Is it just a matter of finding a weld shop that can reweld the joint - knowing that...