1. OneLastRideToronto

    Cold Weather Gear - Big Water / Suggestions / Groups

    Hello - I just upgraded to a larger ski this week (RXT-X aS 260) to increase the riding season and do more long trips (Early Spring & Fall). In turn I am looking for suggestions on dry suits, jackets or wetsuits as I plan to hit the lake in April once my marina opens in Bronte. Any...
  2. L

    1996 787 hard to start when engine is cold

    Just got through a full rebuild on my engine. Carbs are meticulously clean, pop-off is set at 30psi with stock springs, LSA=1, HSA=0. New marine fuel lines also. When I start the engine cold (in or out) of the water I have to crank and crank the engine until it finally starts. Choking or...