challenger 1800 mpem

  1. DonkeyPunch'97

    1997 seadoo challenger 1800

    i purchased this boat used a year ago and have a few things going on... first, my tachs never have worked right, one maxes out all time and other moves around but is not correct for sure. Second, my fuel gauge has never worked since ownership (lights on dash do work and everything else does like...
  2. J

    Replacement MPEM for a 97 Challenger 1800

    Just learned that my MPEM needs replacing. Anybody know of any site where I can find one that is competitively priced? Additionally I read that sometimes it is a simple relay or resistor that goes bad in the models themselves, any thoughts on that? I appreciate any help in advance!!!!
  3. C

    Bad MPEM?

    1999 Challenger 1800 2x787's I'm having a problem with the MPEM pwering down randomly...which means of course the boat dies. When this happens there are no beeps when attaching the key..which I just replaced...the guages do not power up when the START button is pressed and the boat will not...