1. S

    Purchasing a 2005 RXT

    I was hoping someone with some experience could give me their opinion on a decision I'm making. I have been looking to buy a newer, faster ski (currently have a 2001 GTI) and have been looking at the RXT and RXP. Because money is a factor, I've been looking at older models. Since I heard the RXT...
  2. dothadoo

    To rebuild the supercharger, or not to rebuild? That is the question.

    I have been reading several threads on these pre 2008 superchargers. I just sold my 2003 sportster 150 with the 155, and bought a 2007 Speedster 150, SC with 29 hours on it. It runs great, but as you know, it has the ceramic washers. I really would like to avoid any engine trouble or replacement...