1. T

    98 GSX LTD no beep no nothing

    My 951 GSX sucked up a bunch of weeds and overheated and took on a bit of water. I was w able to rectify the issue and get it back on the water for a short duration before it dying and unable to start back up. Since then I haven’t even gotten a beep from when I put the key on or hit the start...
  2. PolarCelsius

    GSX 787 NO SPARK

    So I made the dumb mistake of hooking up the ignition coil ground to the positive terminal of the battery, I fried 2 ignition coils doing this before I realized what I had done I have a new ignition coil now, new boots and new plugs, ski powers up and turns over, but no spark, it worked last...
  3. P

    Help Identifying CDI

    I have a CDI I'm trying to identify I can read most of the numbers but I can't come up with anything. I'm trying to put it in a 96' SPX 717 if it's the right unit. I can read 278_0008029
  4. JustSteve

    96 XP Testing the CDI Module

    I am not getting spark signal to the coil. Checked the inductive pickup, grounds, plug wire, new coil, ohmed out white wire from mag connector and connector in relay box. Tested the CDI with multimeter and found Black (+) to GY/WH (-) 500K ohms vice 33K ohms specified in the shop manual. Picked...
  5. 2

    CDI - 1996 Seadoo GTX, Help!

    Any info on where to find an affordable CDI for my 1996 Seadoo Gtx 787? I've only seen a couple on Ebay. Seadoo is asking $900+ ... Is there a way to repair the CDI itself? Circuit diagram? Thanks!
  6. B

    717/720 Electrical Box MPEM SPX XP GTX HX EXPLORER computer ecu 278000423, 278001134

    For sale 717/720 ELECTRICAL BOX in a perfect condition
  7. G

    96 GTX still bogging down.. ; (

    Had a slow leak in the engine compartment 5 years ago; A dealers service department claimed it was bad water regulator (on the 2nd service call); They replaced it which led to melting of exhaust hose & engine compartment flooding (I don’t go to that dealer anymore). Not sure what they did...
  8. B

    1996 Seadoo SPX 720

    Hello all. I got water in my jetski and then drove it up to my buddy's, unknowing that there was still water in it (bilge wasn't working). Anyway, I dried it out and was able to run it. However, I've since had starting issues. It turned over intermittently for a while, but now nothing...
  9. K

    MPEM / 5 amp fuse problem?

    I have a 1998 Sportster 1800 with twin Rotax engines. When I put my key in, I only get 1 beep. Then when I press one of the start buttons, I get a loud beep. Is this an MPEM / 5 amp fuse problem? How can I know if this is the problem or if I need the replace the MPEM? Please help!