1. K

    FOR SALE BUYING A 09 Sea-Doo gti 130 engine

    Hello, my name is Michael and I'm looking for anyone that has got a lightly used engine that fits a 2009 seadoo gti 130. My current engine with 1,156 hours lost oil pressure and with diagnosing it's the front cylinder and needs to be rebuilt. So hoping to save some money and time and just...
  2. Canadian Watchmaker

    Recommendations for inspecting 2005 Sportster LE DI

    Hello, I'm still in the market for a good deal on a Sportster or Challenger. Since it is winter here in Orillia, Ontario Canada I may find some off season deals. Unfortunately, since it is winter, I can't water test a boat. Any suggestions on what things to look for / ask about when buying a...
  3. J

    New to PWC

    Hi All, Looking to get into PWC's and buy a Sea-Doo for this coming season. I live down the road from a lake so I'd have plenty of time to ride. Any takes on buying a used one compared to a new one? When I look at the price/hours for recent used machines it makes more sense to buy new...
  4. R

    Buying Advice on 2013 Seadoo GTI 130

    So I've found someone selling a couple 2013 Seadoo GTI 130s and I'm looking for some advice as I've only worked on two stroke seadoos in the past. The ones I'm looking at are as follows: Ski #1: Has new SBT engine in it that has no hours on it. STARTS but had some electrical issue that locks...
  5. M

    What should I buy?

    Hi guys and girls, I'd like to start by saying Hi, I'm new to the forum and looking to raid your Wealth of knowledge. I'm from the UK but run a sailing bussines in Greece so I am lucky enough (or unlucky depending of your view on the current situation) to spend 6 months every year there. Now...
  6. P

    Feedback on potentially buying used for a first time owner

    Hey guys, First timer here, I'm getting ready to make my lifelong obsession with owning a SeaDoo come to fruition. I've been digging through the forum and this place is great. I've read through the buying a used ski thread and there was excellent info in there, I'm just hoping to get an...
  7. N

    Buying Advice...04 RXP or 06 RXT ????

    I've been bitten by the bug again. I've searched a bit and I've found a couple of options. I'm seeking some counsel on which direction to go. 2004 RXP with 60 hrs for $5K or 2006 RXT with 80 hrs for $6K. Both come with single galvanized trailers and are fresh water, one owner skis...
  8. R

    How much would a top end cost for a 1999 Xp?

    Considering buying this How much would a top end cost if i did it myself?
  9. L

    Challenger VS Speedster??

    I'm looking for a boat! Excited, it will be my first. Good amount of experience under my belt though. Love the idea of a fast, maneuverable jet boat. Want it for sun, some boarding, skiing, just want to get out on the water. Decided on about 20ft,about 7 passenger. Heard different things...