1. kilgorekb

    Hard to crank; dies while at idle

    Just got a 1999 Challenger 1800 last week. Took it out for the 1st time today. Port engine takes about 10-15 tries to crank even if already warmed up, and it died twice while moving at idle through the no-wake zone. Anyone know what's up? I'm not sure what "normal" is since this is my...
  2. R

    sealing an exhaust leak? '97 xp

    so i have a small crack in my exhaust right above the oil injector in my '97 xp. the water which cools the engine sprays out at a steady tiny spray. how could i seal it and is it worth it or should i just buy a new exhaust piece? its coming out of that circular piece protruding from the tube...
  3. 9

    Ignition start stop button

    I am in need of a start stop button for a 97 gts... I didn't know this part could just stop working but mine has and I am in need of one... please let me know if you have one that you would be willing to sell me or if you know where I could get one for let than Seadoo dealer wants for one...