broken bolt

  1. James_bond12

    Removing remaining head bolt pieces

    TL/DR: Two head bolts broke while removing. I can’t get them out (even with threading the top and using nuts) What would you recommend doing. About a year ago I starting fixing this 96 xp (787). I did everything I needed to get it running (new plugs, rebuilt carbs, replaced fuel lines, etc)...
  2. N

    98 GSX limited intake grate broke need help finding parts

    so the intake grate broke I need to know what grate is a decent one for cheap also what is the black part called I need to replace that broke off the back where it bolts to shown in picture.
  3. Matt_martians

    oil issue

    Hello fellow water bike owners, I recently came into an issue(s) on my 1995 sea doo spx with the 657x engine. I acquired this ski in no-start condition. I did a full fuel system rebuild(carb rebuild, fuel line replacement, fuel baffle replacement) since it had a fuel issue, and it started and I...
  4. A

    1997 GTX RVC Bolt Broken

    The threads from one of the bolt holes holding my carburetor on stripped out. I figured i would just take off the rotary valve cover, and replace it with another one. How hard could it be.... right? Wrong... I got three out fine, but the last one would not come. I put a little extra torque on...
  5. U

    Are the bolt holes in the Wear Ring Housing threaded?

    I have a 2001 Utopia with Mercury 210 hp M2 Jet. I took the Nozzle Assembly and Stator off with little problems. But, while removing the bolts holding the the wear ring to the drive housing, I broke one of the long SS bolts (the one on the bottom right). It sticks out of the inner wear ring bolt...