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    2020 GTI 170 Break Down

    Hi All, Just got a new GTI 170 and was super excited to get out and ride it. Asked the guy are you sure this thing is ready to ride like 6 times. Yes they said got it up to temp and run all the tests everything is ready to go. Go fill it up with gas, read the user manual about the break in...
  2. B

    New Rings, Break-in?

    I have read a lot about how to break-in a new motor or even new piston and rings.... Are the steps any different if the cylindars were only honed, same pistons, and new rings? I am finishing up the install of new rings on my Seadoo XP 587. The existing sleeves and pistons are from SBT; I...
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    New Owner 1997 GTI want to install a tach and other questions

    I bought this machine 2 years ago with a blown engine caused by overheating because it ingested gravel. I had the cylinders bored out and installed new pistons. I have broken it in for about 4 hours, and I have some questions. I am not very familiar with Seadoo but have worked on engines for...