break in

  1. TheGTIjetguy

    02 GTI Carb settings

    Hello All, Pulled apart the Carb on my 02 GTI 717 (Single Carb w/accel pump) for a quick cleaning. looked like someone had been in there before, so no idea if I can trust where it was set. High speed screw was all the way seated (0 turns) and plastic restrictor cap was on. That didn’t seem...
  2. C

    new 717 engine break in

    Hey guys! I replaced a 717 engine in my speedster and have a question. I know there is a break in oil to run in 10 gallons of gas in addition to the stock injection system. What is the correct oil ratio????? Don't want to get this wrong as I've got a lot of time and $$ in this project...
  3. accardi2665

    Ignored break in period

    Hey there everybody! I ignored the suggested break in period, excitement got the best of me:willy_nilly:, when I bought my '15 GTI 155 Limited. Put 30 hours on it through the summer with it running great. My question: Is there anything I should be paying extra attention to with not breaking...
  4. DSchmidt54

    Thank You ! (consider yourself included)

    I just wanted to thank everyone here on the forum , over the last few months i have had a hell of a time getting my molested/abused GTX to run right and after all that work, it finally runs , and like a CHAMP! i figured out why it was bogging before and fixed the problem. Before , we didnt...
  5. S

    Black Powder and Metal Shavings in New Sea-Doo?!?!

    To day I ran a few more hours on my new Sea-Doo GTI SE 130. It now has 7 hours on it, I was not being rough with it, i am breaking it in very slowly and smoothly. But at the end of the day I removed the seat to find a black metal powder residue below the drive shaft , as well as a few small...
  6. R

    lean or rich...hesitation or bogg?

    I was breaking in my '97 xp and it starts bad while cold because of the oil mixed with the gas im guessing. I premixed the first tank. It idles well as soon as its warmed up. The idle is a bit high (cause the speed is about 5-6 miles an hour) but ill turn that down. I dont know what the rpm is...
  7. D

    What Do I Need to Know - 2008 RXT 215

    Hi - New to the forums here. I just got a "new" 2008 RXT 215 from the dealership this past weekend with ZERO hours on it. It was actually a gift of sorts. I have never owned a boat (myself; family had one as a child) or jet ski and I would like to take it out this coming Friday for the...