1. mejim707


    I'm at my wits end with this. I pulled the RV and I see lines in it, but nothing I can catch my finger on. There is a small groove in the block because the RV had a little nick in it and cause that groove in the block, but again, it's not enough to catch my finger nail on. The RV is smooth for...
  2. katierage

    1995 Seadoo Bombardier XP - more than 1 rider "boggs down" feels stuck at 4 RPM?

    Having a problem with my 1995 Seadoo Bombardier XP. (well, actually, a lot of problems but this seems most important) Alright, the engine sounds fine but when more than one rider gets on (or 1 heavy rider gets on) there is a certain point at acceleration, seems to be around 4 or 5 RPM, where the...