blue smoke

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    Low Cyl. pressure Oil on plug

    My grandson’s 2013 GTI 130 SE was wintered last fall with no issues. This spring on startup it’s running rough on idle and blowing blue smoke. Runs fine on high end planned out. I did a compression check no 3 cyl. got 90psi other two cyl. At 150/155PSI. When I removed number 3 cyl plug it was...
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    Trouble Turning over

    Good morning everyone. I am having some issues with my 95 seadoo XP 717. It started with a simple bad starter. I pulled the ski replaced the starter and went out for a test run. I had absolutely no power and blew a huge cloud of blue smoke. Shut it off next thing you knew it wouldn’t start...
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    2001 SeaDoo GTX Bombardier Problem >:( Please help!!

    We just bought a used 2001 Sea Doo GTX Bombardier YESTERDAY. It was running flawlessly the whole day on the lake. All of a sudden it randomly started to make sputtering/choking sounds and I wasn't able to go past 10 mph. It sounded like the intake grate was filled with weeds. The red...