blown engine

  1. xintersecty

    Sad News Blown Engine

    A couple of weeks ago, I had posted about metal flakes in the oil filter. So I took it out for a test drive. I got about a quarter mile away from the landing and lost power. As I turned back the engine shut down (seized) and roared no more. :banghead: I am sad... I had surgery that...
  2. J

    Seadoo Challenger 1800 / Rotax engine keeps blowing up - help!!!!!

    Hello, I bought a 2007 Seadoo Challenger 1800 in May of this year that needed a new engine. The reason for the original ROTAX engine blowing up was per previous owner a bad supercharger (2007 model with ceramic washers). I had a local certified seadoo dealer install an SBT engine. The...
  3. gioakjoe

    Blown Engine is this the right replacement? I just won this bid on ebay but now...
  4. M

    can a 250 efi bolt on a 240efi

    I have a 2000 islandia with a blown 240 efi mercury, I want to know if a 250 efi will bolt on the jet pump the same as a 240, the 250 is alot cheaper than the 240