bad gas

  1. To2d

    Speedster SK “Not Right”

    Seadoo Pros and PWC detectives... I need your help!!! Back story: A few weeks ago we took our 99 speedster SK to the lake and it was running GREAT until it ran low on gas from taking the kids tubing all day. I took my buddy's gas cans to the local lakes gas station and filled them up. boat ran...
  2. B

    2006 RXP running very poorly

    Hi Guys, I just bought a 2006 RXP 86 hrs with (what I think) had a full tank of 2 year old gas. I ran it when i bought it and got it up to 9 grand revving no prob so i bought it. The next day i took it to the water and couldnt get it going faster than 2000 RPM. The Maint light came on so...
  3. O

    Been Sitting fot a While

    I bought a 1998 gs with a bad mpem. I since replaced the mpem and got it to fire up for a couple seconds . There was bad gas in the tank when I got it. I cleaned out the carb and the filter and drained the tank. Didn't think of the lines til now. It fires up with mixed gas or carb cleaner...