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    Need new carburetors for my 1998 Challanger 1800

    ]I have a beautiful 1998 Challenger 1800 it is sharp the engines have been completely rebuilt and are very crisp. I had to have the carburetors rebuilt and we ran into problems the bodies on the carburetors are shot and they're being told that I need new ones. Sea-Doo is discontinued the carbs...
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    Why is the RPM correct but the seadoo is not going fast ?

    Hi evrybody (first of all, sorry if I make mistakes but I am french :)) I have a GTX DI (year 2000) that I used for several years (approx 120 hours of use). The RPM of the motor seems to be normal mais the moto is not running fast at all. When I push up the accelerator to the max, I...