1. Shane0524

    Crazy Challenger 210 Adventure!

    Two summers ago we took our 210 Challenger across the ocean passage from Newport Beach CA to Avalon Catalina Island CA. About 30 miles of open ocean. Easy trip over, a bit tougher trip back as the water became dangerously rough for the 210. Just though I would share some pictures. check out...
  2. 3ftDeep

    15-4-50 Sea-Doo Island Sea-Doo Adventure

    15 BC Gulf Islands for a 50th Birthday. 204 km round trip in one day on a 2005 GTX 185 Sea Doo, and a 2012 GTR 215 boat. Home in time for dinner! If you like our videos, please subscribe!
  3. R

    Recycling old skydoo parts?

    Hi there. I am trying to design my own "dream machine". Here are the specs: 1- capacity to navigate slowly, with low level of noise 2- navigate in shallow waters 3- ability to perform in areas covered with vegetation 4- use automobile engine 5- capacity to carry large loads 6- economy...