1. TheGTIjetguy

    02 GTI Carb settings

    Hello All, Pulled apart the Carb on my 02 GTI 717 (Single Carb w/accel pump) for a quick cleaning. looked like someone had been in there before, so no idea if I can trust where it was set. High speed screw was all the way seated (0 turns) and plastic restrictor cap was on. That didn’t seem...
  2. D

    Throttle Adjustment 99 GTX RFI

    I have a 99 GTX RFI. The throttle lever is loose. Meaning I can squeeze it to the handle and when I let go, it doesn't return all the way back to its home/in position. It also only pulls the throttle lever in the engine a tiny bit. I'm assuming I can adjust/tighten something on the handlebar...
  3. C

    96 hx fuel system problems

    We've rebuilt the carbs on this hx and carefully followed all instructions to a T. It still wouldn't run. So we thought maybe an alternate set of carbs would help. So, we cleaned up another set and put in new parts. It still won't run. The spark plugs are always wet, and no start...
  4. L

    2000 Merc 240EFI TPS Adjustment

    Does anyone know what color leads I need to test between for the TPS adjustment? They are orange, blue and brown. I need to check my adjustment. Thanks Jason
  5. L

    96 787 strange starting problem

    Hi, I recently rebuilt my carbs on my 96 challenger. I set all adjustment to factory specs. The boat always starts right up out of the water and at first launch. However, after I've driven in for a bit at various speeds and shut of the engine to float or anchor, it consistantly is hard to...
  6. L

    96/97 Challenger VTS adjustment

    Hi, I was trying to readjust my variable trim system but the service manual only states to make sure the nozzle doesn't interfere with the venturi in the up and down position. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to properly center the nozzle angle? I would like to ensure I am getting...
  7. L

    96 787 high speed carb setting

    I just rebuilt my carbs on my 96 challenger with a 787. Like many others, the plastic caps were gone. I have seen that the spec'd initial setting should be zero. Does this apply with the caps removed? I would like to get it in the ballpark before I take it out for a test run. Any...