acceleration problem

  1. steamintator

    1996 Spx Shuts off at high Rpms, Stuck at low Rpms, But Runs fine at half throttle.

    I had my 96 Spx on the lake last weekend and it was running great for about 20 minutes, no trouble accelerating or maintaining speed at high rpms. I adjusted the trim a few times and it ran great for another 5 or so minutes and then the engine just died completely, no bogging, just off. It'd...
  2. C

    98 Sportster 1800 - Is elevation my problem?

    I have been reading a bunch of different threads on this issue and understand that the issues could be: cavitation/wear ring/carbon ring/impeller angle/etc. Let me lay out my situation and I would appreciate your ideas/insight: I live at 5800 feet elevation in Wyoming. The lakes we usually...
  3. M

    97 Seadoo GTI Problems!

    I have a 97 Seadoo GTI with 2 problems! 1st one is the Seadoo is taking on water only when parked and left overnight. The plugs are in tight and I can’t see any water leaking in. I was told to put a new seal on the rock plate but can’t find the seals or name of them anywhere. 2nd problem is it...
  4. F

    1997 Seadoo Sportster HALF Acceleration and NO Plane on boat.

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and am looking for tips/help on my 1997 Sportster. It goes to about halfway on throttle, then dies back Cannot get the boat to plane out or reach the rpm needed! Below are the things that have been done to it recently per suggestions by local seadoo man...
  5. P

    2001Utopia 185doesnt go full throttle

    I have a 2001 Utopia 185 with Mercury M2 210 hp (carburetor version). Used to go 50 mph, but started missing intermittently at high speeds a few weeks ago. Got worse and worse until now it won't go above 40 - rpms are down too. Starts and runs fine up to about 3/4 throttle - when I full...
  6. R

    2002 GTX-DI Speed unstable after warm up

    Hey folks, New SeaDoo owner here. Bought this last week, had it in water 3 times. On initial run each time, it runs smoothly at whatever speed, 30 mph most of the time. If I throttle back to low speed or stop, then the speed is all over the place. Holding constant throttle at 30, speed...