96 xp 5 amp fuse

  1. J

    96 xp 800 keeps burning 5 amp fuse and it won't beep or start at all

    Hey guys, thanks in advanced for any reply on this matter. My ski did a so called diesel. After few seconds I realized just pull the chocke and vuala. Well after that happened I lost beep and light and any signal of life. Ok first I checked all fuzes and the 5 amp from vts is burned. Installed...
  2. L

    96 xp nightmare

    I have a 96 xp that I just cant figure out how to fix. It ran great until about 4 years ago and then started bogging down when I would first start it then after about 5 minutes of putting around at idle speed would all of a sudden take off and run great for the whole run. Then when you...