787 won't start

  1. benstoker

    No spark to plugs - 1998 SPX

    Good morning everyone. I know that this is a topic that has been beaten to death on here and I want to start off by apologizing for getting my bat out for this. With that said, I have read (i think) almost every post on here regarding no spark to the plugs on the 787s but I cannot seem to find...
  2. L

    After-market 787 MPEM

    Does anyone have a reasonably priced source for MPEM modules for 787 engines, (I have a 96 challenger) or expereince with after-market MPEM Kits for said engine? How about a schematic for the guts of the MPEM and Nippondenso modules (detailled enough so that I can reverse engineer / repair the...