1. S

    2012 Challenger 180 SP Stutter

    Hi All! Bought a 2012 Challenger 180 SP a couple of weeks ago. About 225 hours on the boat, supercharger clutch was redone at a dealer around 178 hours. Overall, the boat starts easy, seems to run mostly well. However - I've noted that when moving from idle to full throttle (or close to it)...
  2. Andirxpx260

    Rxpx260 module problem

    Hi everyone , i bought this ski about a month ago , put 6 hours on it and now it gave me a problem . I changed the battery last week before my last ride and had no problems that day . The next day when it was raining i forgot to put the cover on it after flushing the ski . And now my ibr and...
  3. J

    Rxt-x 260 blown motor?

    I took my 2015 rxt 260 our for a ride last night and it made a bit of a whining noise right when it started but it went away after. A few minutes later an alarm went off saying that the oil was too hot. After seeing this I shut it off immediately and sat a a little while. I then noticed white...
  4. R

    2010 260 rxt x gauge won’t turn on or start up

    On my seadoo when I hooked the battery up and try to push the start button it doesn’t do its normal turn on and load up start, when I put the key in there is no beep. As soon as I stop pressing the start button the gauge turns off and the speedo and rpm dial stops where ever it was, if I click...
  5. dothadoo

    Demo Rides

    Well, I got a chance to ride the new RXP-X 260 today and man, what a machine! Not that it was slow, but I was a little surprised when I only reached 65mph. The sport mode is definitely the way to go. I did like the option for the eco mode and the inability to give it too much gas. I really wish...
  6. djredman99

    The new 2012 RXP-X 260

    WOW! I like the redesign. If I wanted a brand new 2 seater. This would be the one. 2012 RXP-X 260 http://en-us.sea-doo.com/showroom/Watercraft/overview/rxpx-260.aspx