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    2003 Challenger X-20 Optimax 250 DFI on M2 pump Overheating

    I have a 2003 Challenger X-20 with the Optimax 250 DFI 2-stroke on a M2 jetpump. As soon as I drop it in the water and turn it on it gives me 4 short beeps. I can run it for a bit at about 1/2 power and then it gives me the continuous beep and turns me down to circulation mode only. Things I...
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    can a 250 efi bolt on a 240efi

    I have a 2000 islandia with a blown 240 efi mercury, I want to know if a 250 efi will bolt on the jet pump the same as a 240, the 250 is alot cheaper than the 240