250 optimax

  1. N.YORK0913

    2004 utopia 205 with 250 optimax HELP ME PLEASE!!!

    Hello how are you. i just purchased my 2004 utopia 205 with 250 optimax v6 and im running into issues.. Ok so the only way i can explain this is as follows.. The first time i took it out it ran what i thought was normal.Then i was going to lake today and it gave me starting problems but...
  2. Big_Port

    Hard Starting 250 Optimax

    2002 Challenger with the 250 Opti Over the weekend I took the boat out both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday the boat started with no problem after sitting in the garage for two weeks. Sunday morning I had trouble starting it at the ramp. Turn key, wait a few seconds and turned it over, fired...
  3. D

    Anyone had a leaking stator?

    Anyone had a leaking stator? You can fix it yourself ! Recently got a m2 jet drive with 250 optimax attached to a 22 foot Polaris Made by BAJA one ton (2050lbs) boat. While catching up service, I found that the drive oil was like tar (pretty nasty) but no water in it. I changed it out with...