215 scic

  1. R

    2010 Challenger 210 coolant in engine oil

    I keep finding water/coolant in the engine oil of one motor. Mechanic pressure tested the radiator, intercooler, manifold and oil cooler and all was good. He suspected that the motor ingested coolant from the water/oil pump as there is a gasket in there that keeps the oil separated from the...
  2. Diablo

    Started my challenger 180 se 2007 whilst out of water and.........

    Ok started my challenger whilst out of the water today whilst on the trailer hooked up the hose with out turning it on (as per the instruction manual) and after five or so seconds i got loud screeching noise?! i immediately shut it down any idea what this could be ? im in panic mode now.
  3. K

    2005 challanger 180 fuel pump/system question problem

    I recently purchased a 2005 challanger 215 scic i was cleaning it up after my first day out and i noticed with the key off about every 15 seconds i could here the fuel pump kick on for aprox 3 sec. i will continously do it until the battery dies or you turn off the battery switch or pull the...
  4. D

    Oil on spark plug in Cylinder 1 (215 HP SCIC)

    The motor is backfiring at 5000 RPMs. Not 4500 or 5500, but right around 5000 RPMs. It was reproducible numerous times (by tech). The boat was taken back to the shop to determine there was a fouled plug. The plugs were changed out and the boat water tested again. Still backfiring. The techs then...