215 hp

  1. R

    Rxp 215 top speed/running problem

    Hey guys I currently have a 2006 seadoo rxp215, It has no problem starting or idling, in or out of water, but when I get it to top speed after about 2 seconds the motor starts cutting out and loses all power immediately and the revs drop down to an idle, (if not it stalls completely) . if I...
  2. xintersecty

    2006 Challenger Reconstruction

    As most of you know, I blew my engine last spring. Now I have the money and a new engine. This is the get it working thread. Of course with any project like this, when the engine out, it's time to do mods 1) Install a new water filter for the Inter-cooler and a tow shut off valve. I...
  3. S

    Speedster cavitation, bogging and fuel

    Good day I'm new here at the site and my first post I'm having few problems with my 2007 speedster 150 SCIC. Cavitation, bogging and consuming fuel. I bought the boat from a friend of mine, 110 hours on the clock, I took it to the dealer for full service, and have replaced some parts...
  4. explorationdomination

    Advice on Engine Drive - Possible Seizure or Pump Problem?? :)

    Hi Gents New to the forum but I work on board a luxury superyacht with 6 jetskis so looking forward to making a contribution on the forum. My first post is to ask which part of the engine and drive train of a GTX Limited 215 I should be looking at, as the major culprit in a recent...
  5. L

    Help! Is 195 hours too many for a 2005 215 hp Sportster?

    I convinced the hubby we needed a new toy, and this one popped up. The boat was always winterized and the owners are older adults who took good care of it, but I do need to check to see if the supercharger's been re-built yet. All diagnostics check out perfectly. I was kind of shocked to find...