1. Riderrollin

    06 seadoo gti engine descale

    Picked up an 06 seadoo gti closed loop cooling system is full of I guess what one would call mineral deposits (white sand looking solid). COolant in the hoses is green, coolant in reserve tank is orangish color. Skit starts and rips across water over heats and enters limp mode back to shore. I...
  2. H

    Holes in hull

    Hi guys asking a quick question. Noticed two small holes on right side on the hull. Ones red and ones blue no idea what these holes are called or what they are used for. Photo below is the two holes described. This is a 2006 sea doo wake edition 155 non super charged TIA
  3. R

    Gauge cluster replacement 2006 seadoo gtx

    I’m in dire need of replacing the gauges on my 2006 seadoo gtx wake. I have been reading through various threads but cannot seem to find a definitive answer on how to get the new unit programmed and where to purchase the correct one. None of my local seadoo dealers are not of any help as they...
  4. C

    2006 sea doo gti cutting off

    I have a 2006 sea doo gti I just replaced the battery and took it out and it started right up no problem and ran great for 30 minutes then cut off started it back up and it ran for a couple minutes then cut off again after that it would start up and run sometimes for a minute or 2 or only a...
  5. C

    Stop Pawl Screws

    Hello group, this is my first post or help. I just bought a used 2006 Sportster 215 and I took it out for the first time. After shifting Forward, Neutral, and Reverse a few times, I was comfortable exiting the harbor to enter Lake Michigan. As I was approaching the light, I tried to shift to...
  6. H

    FOR SALE WTB 2005-2006 MPEM for rxt 215 278001724

    If anyone has one of these i would be interested in buying. I have a RXT 215 2005 model with broken MPEM and need a new working one. Part number is 278001724. I heard that i need the 2005 or 2006 one because T.O.P.S implementation is different in those than older ones.
  7. jkd2113

    2006 GTI SE 155 runs for 5 min then dies

    The jet ski runs perfect for 5-10 min then it starts to act up. Dies randomly and will start but turns off after 1-2 second. C The gauge also starts to run slow when this starts happening. I have replaced the fuel pump also I replaced rectifier. I have heard maybe a stator? Any help would be...
  8. christianwlcp

    2006 Sea-Doo GTX Wake Edition Starting Problem

    Thanks all for you time in and patience in advance! As the title states, I've got a 2006 Sea-Doo GTX Wake Edition with a starting problem. So far I've replaced my ignition button (red one which is pushed with left hand), the solenoid, the battery, cleaned whatever corrosion was on the...
  9. B

    ENGINE QUESTION.. 2006 SCIC 4tec

    Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated .. Took boat out bout 20 times with no issues.. Last time out, on my way back in engine started smoking(white smoke).. Pulled cord.. Ever since it won't start up again.. It cranks and will start up for literally a second or 2 but that's it...
  10. K

    Possible Starter Motor Problem

    I have an 06 3D. It will start right the very first time you press the start button, but will not turn over until it sits for a few days. After the initial start, it acts like a low battery. It attempts to turn over but can't. It's like it doesn't have enough torque. I tried a new, fully...
  11. H

    2006 Seadoo RXT first timer owner questions

    Hi All, I am looking at purchasing a 2006 3 seat RXT, and I have a few questions. The person who owns it lives on a waterfront property, and recently upgrade to a 2013 and have 2 sons 23 and 28 who would use them. It is priced at 5500. It has 200 hours, never been the shop for repairs...
  12. D

    VTS on 06 RXP goes up but not down!

    Hey guys, new to the fourm, looked like the best place to get some help. I have a 2006 RXP and ever since ive owned it the VTS has not worked. I took out the VTS motor and replaced it with a working one, that didnt seem to work. I replaced the button with a working one, had no luck with that...
  13. D

    Any last thoughts before I buy my 1st Sea Doo?

    Hi guys, Thanks for reading. I have read just about every thread on here so thanks to everyone. I am just about to commit to my first boat. It's a 2006 Speedster 200 430hp It's done 88hrs so I know I have to rebuild the sc's, it still has the original ceramic washers in! That's 88 hrs...
  14. M

    2006 SeaDoo Challenger CS - $16900 obo

    no longer own, sold