1. A

    2003 GTX 4-TEC SC Wrong Pump? Wear ring too long

    Hi, I recently purchased a 2003 GTX 4-tec supercharged. It cavitates pretty bad, and I found damaged wear ring and impeller. I went to replace the wear ring, and the new one 267 000 419 fits nice and tight, but protrudes about 1/2" past the front of the pump, keeping the pump from correctly...
  2. B

    2003 seadoo rxdi running rough at idle and goes into limp mode

    I have a 2003 seadoo rxdi I have rebuilt top end and replaced many other parts finally got it going yesterday but even after it warms up it idles terrible and will even stall from time to time after like 2k rpm runs like a top then I went back to the dock to see what’s going on and took the...
  3. B

    2003 rxdi fuel pressure regulator

    2003 seadoo 951 rxdi having trouble with fuel. Had another problem with venting the motor and breaking reeds got that fixed cleaned the fuel rail while I had it off just got it all back together and seen that the fuel pressure regulator is what I think they call it it’s spraying fuel out of the...
  4. C

    03 GTX 4 tec positive battery cables

    I have recently purchased my 1st seadoo. It runs great and I am very please with it. However, it has sat tied to the dock for a month without being rode. We had family over for the labor day weekend and the battery has enough charge to turn on the gauges and beep but not enough to crank. I...
  5. AnviL Man

    Which impeller and wear rng do I need?

    Which impeller and wear ring do I need? 2003 Speedster 240 EFI (which I now believe is considered the Speedster 160 not the 150) I want to replace the impeller and wear ring but I am having a hard time finding what I need. I am googling and ebay but I cannot find something that literally says...
  6. AnviL Man

    Which impeller and wear ring do I need?

    2003 Speedster 240 EFI. I want to replace the impeller and wear ring but I am having a hard time finding what I need. I am googling and ebay but I cannot find something that literally says it'll fit my specific boat. I am unaware if other models have the same impeller as mine as I am seeing...
  7. Erik1974

    2003 GTX Supercharge: No Start. 7.5v from one fuse, No battery, solenoid

    I have a 2003 GTX Supercharge. I was out riding and when I shut off the ski, it wouldn't restart. I thought it was a dead battery or a faulty start switch on the handlebars. I replaced the start switch, the starter solenoid and the battery is new and charged. - The battery shows 12 volts - I...
  8. AnviL Man

    New owner 2003 Speedster

    Hey all, just bought a 2003 Speedster 240 Bombardier. I didn't get a manual with it so there's a couple of things I wanted to know about the boat. The fuel gauge doesn't work and neither does the speedometer. The guy told me he replaced the wire to the speedometer but they gave him a 3 wire...
  9. M

    2003 GTX 4-Tec Supercharged - blown LH Resonator, obsolete part

    I've searched through the posts/forums and cannot seem to find info on this, so hopefully someone will have some info for me. The LH Resonator (part # 274000993) on my 2003 GTX 4-Tec SC cracked last weekend and apparently this is an obsolete part, no longer manufactured or available at any...
  10. seadoosRsuper

    Seadoo not starting, is it the battery?

    Seadoo 2003, GTI LE Brand new battery, with acid, charged for 2 hours, 10amps. Brand new spark plugs. Full gas, 3/4 oil. Correct gas/seadoo oil mixture. The mechanic said the battery needed to be charged for another 6 hours, but I'd love a second opinion. Here's some videos of us...
  11. S

    2003 Sea Doo GTX DI Maintenance Light Problem (NEED HELP)!

    If anyone has any ideas I am listening... After taking my 2003 Sea Doo GTX DI jet ski to an authorized Sea Doo Dealer at a nearby marina. I came home to test my PWC and had the same problem. The jet ski starts the first time every day the user gets on it and functions perfectly for hours... The...
  12. U

    03 gtx 4tec supercharged p0326

    well got this code testing my ski out of the water. seems like anytime i deliver the rpms above 5,000. here's the scoop..... rebuilt the entire engine over the winter along with another 4 tec. the other runs great. soooo i have all new pistons w/rings. one piston oversized. and all new 93...
  13. F

    2003 Seadoo GTX DI Pulling out engine

    Hello, So I am pulling out my engine out of my ski and I almost got it out...I was wondering if anyone has any tips to make the removal easier. If you look at the attachment, I am on step 4.9(Using a 12mm socket, remove the two rear motor mount bolts. Slide the engine forward to clear the...
  14. R

    Kill Switch

    I have a 2003 Sea Doo GTI and kill switch has fallen inside the steering column. I haven't yet rolled up my sleeves to investigate but any advise on what may have broken and how to fix it? Thanks!
  15. A

    2003 rxdi maint limp mode

    My 2003 rx di went into limp mode, and maint light went on and red light flashed. Plugs were fouled, changed them, it ran great for 10 minutes, then did same thing. Replaced air sensor, cleaned plugs, put in new gas, it ran well for 10 minutes, then went into limp mode again with lights...
  16. D

    2003 GTX 4-tec

    I purchased a 2003 GTX 4-TEC from a dealer last year with 105 hours on it. Day 1 I was able to hit 52 mph - slowly over the summer the top speed went down and now tops out at 42 mph (I'm at 145 hrs now)- took it to the dealer last week and they replaced the wear ring and said that should take...
  17. M

    XPDI 2003 Fuel pressure

    hi, i have an XPDI 2003, since i got it i have had problems getting any speed before the warning lamp comes on and goes into limp mode. i have been working through the manual and found that the Fuel pressure before cranking is 24/25 PSI which is ok, but when cranking it only reaches about 60psi...
  18. M

    Seadoo XPDI 2003 wont start

    My XPDI wont start, if i remove the spark plugs, the engine turns over fine, but then if i put the plugs back in the engine wont turn over, seams like it dosnt have the power to turn it over. i checked the battery and is reading 11.78v which i belive is ok!? any ideas? it was starting fine about...
  19. R

    03 or 04 xp di?

    which xp to buy?? I am in the process of purchasing a new sea-doo. i want to know which xp/di to buy between the 1998 and 2004. Is the direct injection good? i do like the digital readout on the 2003-4 Thanks for the help.
  20. F

    2001 Seadoo xp or Seadoo 3D

    What ski would be more fun, faster, better, What do u think of a 2001 seadoo xp, 2003 seadoo xp di, and a seadoo 3d which is the fastest/ the best for jumping waves Thanks