1. R

    2001 GTX800 Stalling In Water

    2001 GTX800 Injection, engine runs good when not in water only water hose connected(or not), but when you put in water at idle speed after 30sec to a minute rpm drops and engine stalls, can restart engine but same thing happens. If i start and put it in forward/reverse and give throttle i can go...
  2. C

    Sea doo rx compression

    Hey everyone is 120 psi in each cylinder normal for this ski ? It’s a 2001 sea doo rx it seems to run just fine in the water hitting 59-60mph and rpms are at 7100 could my compression tester be bad ? Thanks for any advice !
  3. C

    Impeller catching when turning inside of jet pump

    Hey everyone i just wen through my first wear ring and am taking on the project of fixing it myself as I’m trying to learn how to do my own maintenance on my ski The ski is a 2001 rx After taking off the jet pump from the reverse gate and the vts and inspecting the wear ring it’s visibly...
  4. J

    2001 seadoo gti wont go past 30 mph

    I have a 2001 gti that starts, and idles perfect. It goes fine but seems low on power and won’t go faster than 30 mph and doesn’t seem to rev how it should. It has great compression, great spark and fuel, I just rebuilt the carb and didn’t make it any better. I was wondering if it’s something...
  5. B

    Looking at buying 2001 Sea Doo Challenger 2000 with 2.54 mercruiser

    Any advice, is this boat worth my money, or is it not worth $9,500 for a 20 year old boat? Seller claims it starts and runs well. Body and seats look near immaculate (for a 20 year old boat there’s minimal fading and scratches). Thanks in advance!
  6. X

    FOR SALE Wanted 947/951 DI Engine

    Good Morning, we purchased a Ski this year without an engine as a project. Does anyone have a 947/951 DI Engine for sale, or can recommend a place where one can be purchased? We are located in the UK. Has anyone used MINOTEK engines from Indonesia before? TIA
  7. B

    Unknow plastic object wrapped around impeller

    Last summer we had something get stuck in one of our seadoos jet pump and we don’t know if it’s from the seadoo or if it’s something that was sucked up from the lake. We looked at the schematics and we did not see anything that looks like the remnants that where twisted up in the impeller...
  8. wcfrue

    2001 Bombardier Xp issues

    had this jetski for two weeks now and was bought under the assumption that the ski ran and functioned as it should. After the first sea trial the battery was dead. Went and purchased a new one and now the ski starts up as it should. Now the issue is that the idle is rough and will only get up to...
  9. D

    BRAND NEW 98-2001 Speedster SEATS!!

    I know everyone has been complaining, including myself about the seats on the 98-2001 speedsters with no real replacement.... until now! Check out the Brand New 1998-2001 Seadoo Speedster Seats for my 98 Speedster! No more cracked / faded / embarrassing seats! What do you guys think???? More...
  10. Canadian Watchmaker

    2001 Challenger with twin Rotax engines?

    Hello, I am negotiating to buy a 2001 Challenger 1800. The owner is over 300 kilometres away, so I am asking a lot of questions before making the drive. He says the boat is driven by twin 160 hp Rotax engines - rebuilt 20 and 30 hours respectively. All my research shows that a 2001 Challenger...
  11. TrevorM

    Help: 2001 Seadoo GTX

    Hey Seadoo-forums! I have read some very helpful stuff on this website and have finally decided to join the community! So first I want to thank everyone who contributes to these forums! Let's get started: I recently purchase a 2001 Seadoo GTX (951 carbureted). The seadoo currently runs pretty...
  12. rogierbanis

    2001 GTX-RFi (200-250 hours) head rebuild?

    Hi Forum, Many many times i have read in this forum that around 200-250 hours on a 787 GTX-RFi you need to have the head rebuild and around 300hrs the cranckshaft. Now i was wondering is this interval based on experience or prescribed by the manufacturer? I can not see this in the shop...
  13. D

    01 Seadoo GTX engine problems

    i had a major engine failure this summer when my engine started knocking really hard and top speed topped off at 30 mph! I popped off the seat cover and sure enough a sock was sucked into my engine compartment. Thinking of fixing it myself any suggestions as to what the cause of the severe...
  14. J

    PLEASE help!! 2001 Challenger 1800 240hp INTAKE GRATE

    I have about pulled my hair out trying to find the RIGHT intake grate for this boat. One of the tines broke off the one on there and fortunately did not make its way through the impeller. Every part warehouse ask me "what model is it"....Uh, seadoo challenger 1800. but they need other numbers or...
  15. Jackmeg

    2001 Gs Unidentified Noise

    After starting up my 2001 GS on the trailer with water connected for less than a minute, I hear what I will describe as a "rattling/growling" noise that is much more perceptive from outside at back of the ski than from inside the engine compartment. If you kill it and let it set for a...
  16. B

    2001 gtx 951 wont start

    Hi guys Im having a problem with my gtx it was running great and this morning dont start, I check the carbs, spark plugs, reed valves, rave valves and everything is good
  17. B

    2001 GTX Throttle Cable Replacements

    My throttle cable broke at the handle. I pulled the cable out of the ski and it has 277000892 stamped on the cable itself. Ive found a few cables that look just like this cable but the part number does not match. The 277000892 cable is VERY expensive!! Are there any other cables that would work...
  18. R

    01 xp starter location?

    can someone help me? i cant find any info online.
  19. T

    2001 GTx RFI speedometer wont work

    Just bought a 2001 Sea Doo GTX RFI. Has an analog speedometer as well as the digital speedo/RPM/hour meter /other stuff combo.. everything works but the speedometers. I checked the flywheel and it looks to be in good shape. I don't have any of the manuals on this so I am shooting in the dark...
  20. R

    2001 GTX RFI Idle is low

    My Sea-Doo seems to be idling too low, and will eventually die if I don't use a little throttle. The RPMs are around 1400 after running it wide open, and then I can watch it steadily drop down to around 1000-1100 before it cuts off. I have read that there are some screws that can be adjusted...