2-stroke oil

  1. jharding08

    2 Stroke Oil for 1996 SeaDoo GTS

    I bought two 1996 SeaDoo GTS PWCs end of last season. Guy I got them from took care of them himself including replacing the engine in the one. I took them to a shop to winterize them last year and asked him what all is involved to get them ready this year and he said just put the battery back...
  2. T

    2-stroke oil Question.

    Ive got a 97 gtx 787. I needed to add oil and only option at the time was some polaris 2 stroke snomobile oil. I've ran it a little and ever since adding the oil I have a random miss under load and is really noticeable in the top end at WOT at 7k that's when you really hear it miss. I've pulled...