1999 gsx rfi

  1. Raymond 88

    1999 GSX RFI 787 Crankseal leaking

    Hi , I am bringing a 1999 GSX RFI out of winter storage. Finding quite a bit of oil in the cylinders after starter struggling to turn over engine. Turns over fine with plugs out. Anyone with experience with this issue and recommendations for getting it in the water to see if it is worth moving...
  2. J

    1999 GSX Rfi Questions

    I'm looking at buying a 99 gsx rfi with the 787 engine for $1700 with a decent double trailer (no rust, nice tires). I've got a 98 gsx limited and I wasn't sure how complicated the 787 rfi was compared to the carb'd 951. Is there anything bad about the rfi? It is a very clean seadoo with 109...
  3. S

    99 GSX RFI wont idle

    I bought my gsx a few months ago and just recently got it out on the water. It started and ran beautifully for 2 outings (3-4 hours of riding). But the 3rd time I took it out, I needed to add a little throttle to start it. Then while riding it would loose power and die (in about 4 seconds)...