1996 gti

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    1996 seadoo gti no beep no crank

    I have a 1996 seadoo gti 717, i get no beeps when key is on post, no crank, no start no spark. Checked and replaced the harness. If i hit the start button once the oil light comes on for 33 seconds but no beeps. Replaced mpem with aftermarket no dess mpem and still no beeps and no crank. Tested...
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    1996 GTI idenity crisis?

    I acquired a 1996 GTI which I've set up for fishing (fish finder, rocket tubes, rod holders, tackle box, etc) and the GTI size and stability works great for this. I fish the California Delta and we have species from panfish up to stripped Bass, salmon and Sturgeon. The ski makes a great bass...
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    1996 GTI bogging down

    Hi I have a 1996 GTI and it was bogging down so I check some posts and replaced the gray lines, cleaned the carbs and cleaned the selector switch. So last weekend I took it to the lake to a test run and it worked better but still doesn't get to max speed, when I give it full throttle tries...