1995 spx

  1. E

    95 spx, needs top end but can't find parts, found used motor claimed to be running but seems to cheap. Help

    Have a 95 SPX that needs a top end rebuild. New to PWC last year, know a little bit mechanically but not enough to decide how to move forward. My local Sea-Doo outfit said the machines too old for them to work on and also said the top end rebuild kit is discontinued. I found somebody to work on...
  2. K

    95 SPX VTS Not Working

    So I'm new to the PWC world and my father and I just picked up a '95 SPX. Motor runs great and is in overall good condition except for the fact that the VTS doesn't work. Well when we started poking around we found that the VTS motor that was attached to the trim indicator (next to the...
  3. B

    1995 SPX Starts, Idles, but dies when I give it any throttle!

    OK, this SPX has been turning into a nightmare! After running into some issues with the ski not starting, I removed the carbs, rebuilt them, has all new gas lines, spark plugs, filters etc...has good compression, good spark etc. When I start it up, it starts and idles with no problem...
  4. powerslave

    Looking for seal stripping for storage tray (95 spx)

    My storage tray does not have the seal underneath it where it rests with the hull. Can I use any type rubber stripping? I looked in the parts section and it doesn't even show stripping for that location. It does for the cover where it rests on the storage tray but not the other.