1995 seadoo xp

  1. Owenl

    1995 seadoo won’t crank but dash gauges come on

    Hey guys I have a 1995 seadoo xp when you hit the starter button both happens only the dash gauges come on for a little bit. When you jump the starter solenoid it cranks so I replace it thinking that was my problem. It wasn’t.. I’m lost now it has a good battery and everything.
  2. B

    1995 Seadoo XP Week Crank No Spark

    Hi, I’m new jet ski and I bought a 1995 Seadoo xp from a sale I thought was killer deal . The ski cranks very week and is not getting any spark at the plugs . I have changed the battery, spark plugs , starter Solenoid, starter, all the fuses, and cleaned all the connections and still nothing ...
  3. bwhite

    '95 Seadoo XP Cleanup/Minor Overhaul

    Some of you already know that I own two garage-kept, yet slightly abused (forgotten for 6 years) '95 SeaDoo XP's (720cc). Though I have another active thread about a bogging mechanical issue (on, now both of them) I figured I would also work on the minor electrical issues and such. Here's what...
  4. S

    1995 Seadoo XP Issue.....HELPPPP !!!

    Hello Everyone first of all Im new to this site so greetings from Tennessee !!! Anyways had a couple questions hoping that someone could help me out. Bought a 95 Seadoo XP couple months ago. Had been sitting for a yr in a garage and only thing it needed was a new battery and it started right up...
  5. M

    1995 Sea Doo XP Rebuild Project

    Hi, I just bought a 1995 Sea Doo 720 XP with the motor not running. The rear piston seems chipped. There is also a tune pipe installed on the motor. The sellor told me he had the pipe installed, tried the PWC and found it had no power. Hauled off the motor head (due to low compression of 60...
  6. Mike Hawk

    95 xp taking in water....

    Just replaced all the seals on the driveshaft doesnt take in water when idling or when its off. Only when i give it throttle its seems like its coming in little by little. Checked exhaust no leaks anywhere. Anywhere else it would be coming from??