1993 gtx

  1. yourboylukey

    Seadoo gtx

    Hi All, I bought a 1993 Seadoo GTX as a little toy for the summer. I've had it out on the lake a handful of times, runs well and starts up fine. The steering is a little tighter than I expected. When I was cleaning it today I noticed these wires coming out the back by the propeller... Any...
  2. S

    1993 sea doo GTX, looking for a bit of advice

    So i just bought a sea doo gtx 580 1993, im new to sea doos and im hoping i didnt get screwed over. So when i start it up everything seems fine til i start to move, revs will pick up but the craft has no power, i can go maybe 2mph before it revs out. It will then bog out and theres zero power. I...
  3. 7

    New to the Doo: 1993 GTX Problem

    Hey Everyone! I'm totally new to the pwc world, and happy to be in it! Just purchased my first jet ski, a 1993 GTX, about two months ago. I got a great deal and have been so satisfied but ran into a problem while riding it yesterday. The safety key that went on it, before DESS, was loose...
  4. A

    1993 GTX oil light

    I have a 1993 gtx and the oil light does funny things. It is off at low-mid RPM's and then flickers or is on when at high RPM's. My oil tank is on the bottom half, but my question is......Is the light for oil pressure in the motor, or oil tank low? I thought 2 strokes didn't have "oil pressure...
  5. B

    Maintenance Light

    How do I shut off 100 hr maint. light, on my 2000 GTX?